Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick Update

No Longer Hungry.
Plenty of exercise.
Still working on UAS paperwork.
Papa John's is going strong.

More soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm hungry

Tomorrow I get paid. While likely very little I am going to buy as much food as I can. This week I ran out of food and have been eating whatever scraps that I can. I have postponed running until I have a reliable food source, it's too demanding on the body and leaves me feeling damaged.

Math class is going well. I have another test on Monday the 20th which I look forward to taking. Hopefully I can arrange a few study groups for this weekend.

I work this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hopefully I can get more hours starting next week. I've been considering getting a second job. I figure that I'll start hunting tomorrow morning.

It's wabbit season... and I'm hunting wabb... I mean secondary employment.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I can't wait to be eaten by a bear.

Hello everyone! Believe it or not I am in fact alive and healthy. Very busy, but doing well. I'm about to go hit the sack but soon(tomorrow) you can expect updates on: running, math, pictures of Juneau, excitement and anticipation for Juneau, Google Street View!!! For Juneau!!!! Including the University Of Alaska Southeast!!

So do yourself a favor and comeback within a day.. or two.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Learning to spell.

Quite important. Really something that I need to work on.. given that I've tackled taking showers everyday!!


Turn The Tables

I sold my turntables and mixer to a UCSB student yesterday. I feel much better about the whole ordeal. You know when you sell something you really care about you don't want it to go to joe shmoe? Yeah, I was worried that it would come down to it and I would have to just put up with it. But as it turns out this kid was alright and will put the tables to good use and have a lot of fun with them.

The Bad News: Lost my turn tables, resulting in an end of an era in my history.
The Good News: Paid late half of rent and the entirety of next months rent yesterday.

All in all it was for the best and I have returned to a low stress self. I'm headed off to class soon. Oh yeah! Yesterday I got my trig test back and I did very well. I still have an A in the class and I'm stoked on the coming weeks of brain package.


Friday, October 3, 2008

UAS Application: Part 2

I just got back from mailing my transcripts over to UAS. I opted for the $7.68 priority 4-5 business days versus the slanderous $52.38 get there Tuesday-ority. So goes! I'll hear back within a couple of weeks. Then its time to fill out the Financial Aid and Student Housing applications. It's going to be nuts!! Can't wait.. I love nuts!

Breakfast, Transcripts, Selling.

Today is my Dads birthday and this morning we went to Eggs'n'Things for breakfast and it was delicious as ever. After that I headed home and Immediately biked over to school and picked up my transcripts. I'm pretty stoked about it. Now I have both transcripts and can send them up to Alaska, which I'm planning on doing within the hour. On a different note I have found some one very interested in my turntables. Just the tables, not the mixer. He is going to come by either tomorrow or Sunday. If all goes well I should have enough money to pay the remaining $325 owed for rent and pay next months rent almost a month early. I've got work at five today and have a lot to do before hand.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brain Fart: Blues

I've got the I ain't got enough money for rent and can't afford to eat blues.. yeah yeah I do.. I've got the icky sticky can't hardly get by but I know that it'll get better one day blues.. yeah yeah I do.. and I know that in my future If I keep my finances closer I'll have less worries blues.. oooooh yeah I do.

Times are really proving difficult. I really feel a lot of contrast these days. The old me versus the real me. The old me would be depressed and lethargic but the new me is very optimistic and energetic and I know that I'll be okay and happy as long as my priorities are strait. It feels great to be oneself.

Tomorrow morning I'm going into Wells Fargo to apply for a personal loan. I hate the idea, but I hate the idea of being unreliable even more. I'm embarrassed that I've come up short on rent. Hopefully I'll be approved for a small loan and can pay rent and buy some groceries soon.

Love, oxygen, and future goals are all I need to keep me happy. Currently I have all three and can see a not so distant (January) light at the end of the tunnel. Until then my peeps.